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--Ancient and luxurious hand-dyed silk to be worn and treasured--

Scarf Pillow & Scarf Pillow
Rose Windows -- Scarf Cala, Water Lily, and Yucca -- Pillows & Scarf Water Lily -- Pillow

Pillow Pillow
Yucca -- Pillow Koi -- Pillow

Pillow Silk Scarf
Art Deco Butterfly -- Scarf Bird of Paradise -- Pillow California Poppy -- Scarf
Audrey Durnan hand draws, paints and creates original designs on silk using a technique called Serti. Serti means to enclose or "fence in" applied colored dyes by using a rubbery or water-based resist solution called Gutta. At times, Audrey uses Serti with another resist technique, developed in Japan, called Shibori. Shibori offers a more free flowing and random mix of colors on the silk.

Painting on silk has been done for centuries in Asia and more recently in Europe. Now, Audrey Durnan uses her new, uniquely American, original designs and combinations of techniques to create items that are collectible and wearable.

Audrey utilizes diverse themes for her silk creations: insects, nature, waterlife, sealife, petroglyph, celtic, leaves, seashells among others. Each pillow, scarf, jacket and vest is hand washable in cold water and may be pressed with a hand iron. Dry cleaning is also permissable. Each piece is available in various sizes and with any design.

All designs and all items are entirely original, hand drawn and hand-dyed by Audrey. Custom work is available. As you can imagine, the colors and designs will vary from piece to piece. This is the beauty and wonder of hand created painting on silk.

Audrey Durnan trained for four years as an artist at the Canterbury (England) College of Art. During the 1960s, she worked as a designer in London for the famous Chelsea Pottery. Chelsea Pottery’s production is now very collectible and her work is pictured in 20th Century Decorative British Tiles.

After seven years in London, Audrey moved to Vancouver Island and established her own pottery business. She now resides in Southern California where she has been designing pottery and creating decoupage plates and eggs.

Audrey has been studying Silk Painting for over ten years and has mastered the art of producing wonderous painted silk.

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